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After yesterday promo, I just don’t get this expression on Regina’s face and from the others neither… so weird… they don’t seem angry… uhm… She seems to think exactly that WTH HAPPENED? o_O


Look at her right hand , she thinks again about us , Evil Regals LOL

Once Upon A Time & Lost reference (#3) | The Lost numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42. All added gives you a total of 108 [x]

  • Henry gets off at bus station 4
  • Emma gets room 4 at Granny’s
  • Regina lives in house 108
  • Emma’s cruiser crashes into roads & 23
  • The clock froze at 8:15, moves to 8:16 and was checked by Regina the next day at 8:23.
Not shown in the photoset:
  • Astrid tells Leroy that the nuns could only sell 42 candles
  • August’s bikes number plate is 23
  • The mine that Henry got stuck in was marked as D2, D being the 4th letter making it 42
  • August W Booth: August is the 8th month, W is the 23rd letter, Booth killed the 16th president (Lincoln)
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